Blue Kyanite Raw Crystal Blades

Sale price$4.90


You will receive one raw Blue Kyanite blade. Each piece will be about 2 inches big. These blue Kyanite rough crystals are perfect for making wire wrap jewelry, crystal gird, terrariums and more!

Kyanite is a very unique stone with many uses. Kyanite forms in fibrous blades. Kyanite does not need cleansing as it does not trap negative energy and can be used to cleanse or charge other stones. Kyanite has interesting and useful properties such as heat resistance that make it valuable in industrial uses. Kyanite opens the third eye and crown chakras and is a very strong stone to aid communication. Kyanite, due to its ability to not absorb negative energy, is a must have in any crystal connection as it always has good vibes. 

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