Minimalist Crystal Necklace

Size: Green Jade
Necklace Lengh: 20 inchs
Sale price$9.00


You will receive one black leather cord necklace, with a crystal bead of your choosing, sent in a gift box. Please review the list below to see what crystals we currently offer! These simple healing crystal necklaces make a great gift if you are looking for minimalist or boho jewelry.
The necklace itself is made from a high-quality braided black leather cord and utilizes a clever clasp design to put on and take off the necklace easily.

Crystal Options:
1. Green Jade (color enhanced)
2. Carnelian
3. Tigers Eye
4. Black Agate
5. Red Goldstone (synthetic)
6. Blue Spot Jasper
7. Unakite
8. White Howlite
9. India Agate
10. White Jade
11. Red Jasper
12. Opalite (synthetic)
13. Green Aventurine
14. Rose Quartz
15. Blue Goldstone (synthetic)
16. Botswana Agate
17. Yellow Jade
18. Picture Jasper

Necklace Lengths:
18 inches
20 inches
24 inches

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