Bruised Crystal Mystery Box

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Mistakes happen, sometimes when filling orders, crystals are dropped. Some crystals arrive to us chipped and other stones don't pass our quality control. But these imperfections do not take away from the natural beauty of these crystals! Over the years, we have amassed a large quantity of these "bruised crystals" and are now offering them in mystery boxes at very cheap rates!

The stones that are included will range from pieces that have just a little too much variance to sell on the main listings in our shop, to stones have slight chips, to stones that have broken in half. The items you receive are not limited to just what is in the photographs, they might be entirely different.

Please note that for the 1lbs option, you will receive slightly less than 1 lbs of stones. we will fill the box as close to 1 lbs as possible while ensuring that it is just under 16oz so that it can be mailed via USPS first class. If you purchase multiple pounds, we will make sure to include the advertised weight and your order will be upgraded to USPS priority mail free of charge!

In order to offer these low rates, we can not identify the stones included in each lot and we can not include specific requests. Everything is selected at random with no exceptions. For this reason, this is one of the only listings we are not able to accept returns on in our shop.

If you are ordering 5lbs+ outside the United States please contact us for a shipping quote, additional shipping charges may apply.

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