Cherry Blossom Agate Slab

Size: Small
Sale price$15.30


This listing is for one cherry blossom agate slab, similar to the ones in the photos. These beautiful pieces of Cherry blossom agate have been polished on one side and the backs have been left raw. You have the option to select this stone in two sizes: Medium and Large. The following is a sizing chart with estimated sizes for each option. Please note, that there is a lot of variance in these natural labradorite slabs.

Medium: 7-9 oz 3-4 inches big
Large: 16-20 oz 6-7 inches big

Cherry Blossom agate, also known as Sakura Agate, is actually not an agate, but pink chalcedony with white chalcedony blossoms inside. A very beautiful stone, Cherry Blossom agate is soothing and embracing, helping overcome hardship or trauma. It promotes strength, confidence, and cool-headedness. Cherry Blossom agate activates the heart and root chakras.


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