Chocolate Calcite Aragonite Palm Stone, Coffee Calcite

Size: Small
Sale price$11.00


You are purchasing one chocolate calcite aragonite palm stone. This beautiful crystal is the perfect craft material for constructing crystal grids or terrariums! You have the option to select a size small or large. Each small piece is about 1-2 inches. Each large piece is approximately 2-3 inches. 

Chocolate calcite, also known as coffee calcite, comes in rich browns and creamy whites. No wonder chocolate calcite is named as it is! Chocolate or coffee calcite is a steaming mug of coffee with a heavy pour of cream, not yet stirred through. It is a comforting stone with grounding energy. Chocolate calcite is a purifying stone, cleansing negative energy and reducing stress. Chocolate calcite activates the root chakra. 

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