Crown Chakra Crystal Set

Style: Crystals Only
Sale price$13.75


This listing is for one 5-piece set of natural crystals for the crown chakra. These chakra stones can make a fantastic gift and are a great set for both beginners and crystal veterans. The crown chakra has a very powerful connection to amethyst, clearing your mind and providing you with a stronger connection to your spirit. The crown chakra is the originator of chakra and is related to pure consciousness and mental power.
You will receive 1 piece of each of the following stones:
1. Amethyst Cluster - Tranquility, Creativity, and Imagination
2. Raw Labradorite - Protection
3. Tumbled Clear Quartz - Energy Amplification
4. Tumbled Lepidolite- Calming and Stabilizing
5. Selenite Tower - Clears Negative Energy

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