Garnet Tumbled Stone Crystal Chip Bracelet

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Every one of our Garnet bracelets is handmade from ~50 genuine Garnet beads, strung on a high-quality elastic cord. 

Garnet, the traditional January birthstone, is a stone full of earth, fire, and blood energy. Garnet has been used since ancient times for blood-related ailments and diseases, garnet was thought to purify the blood. Garnet has strong life energy, and if you are feeling down can be used to reinvigorate passions and relight your inner fire. Garnet is a powerfully grounding stone, and this can be felt directly with its weight. While holding garnet in your hand its heft and solidity bring comfort and strength. Garnet activates the root chakra, and is a perfect stone for Aries, Leo, and Virgo.

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