Green moonstone Palm Stone, Polished Gemstone

Size: Small
Sale price$10.00


You are purchasing one green moonstone palm stone, you have the option to select small or large. This beautiful crystal is the perfect craft material for constructing crystal grids or terrariums! Each Large piece is approximately 2-3 inches in size, small are 1-1.5 inches. Please note each piece of natural stone is different. I am using my stock photos. The item you receive will look similar but have some variance from the stock photos.

Green Moonstone is a magical crystal, offering strong protective energies and the ability to open the heart chakra. Green moonstone offers emotional protection and stability. It is calming and provides stress relief, ideal for stress and anxiety-prone individuals. It is a mineral in the feldspar group, a cousin of labradorite. It can have the same “flash” the labradorite produces. It can also be helpful to anyone feeling lost in life and needing direction, as green moonstone provides you with the confidence, intuition, and inspiration to get back on your path. 

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