India Agate Stone Crystal Chip Bracelet

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India agate is a stone of wisdom and positivity. India agate is mostly green, but can display reds, browns, and grays also. India agate activates the heart and root chakras. Agate has been used by humans for healing, jewelry, and decoration for millennia. It is no mystery why agate has piqued the interest of humans for so long, agate’s spectacular banding and varied colors make for magical displays. Since agate is easy to carve, it has long been a favorite of artists and craftspeople. Agate is a stabilizing stone and has a low energy frequency which is calming and supportive.

Every one of our Indie agate bracelets is handmade from ~50 genuine India agate chip beads, strung on a high-quality elastic cord. 

Length: 7.5in

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