Inner Peace Tumbled Chip Crystal Set

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Each Inner Peace Tumbled Chip Crystal Set includes 6 stones: agate, golden healer quartz, smoky quartz, obsidian, rose quartz, and ruby zoisite. Every set also comes with an index card explaining each stone!

Agate - Heals inner anger and soothes anxieties
Golden Healer Quartz - Clears emotional blocks and aligns chakras
Smoky Quartz - Grounds and protects against negative energy
Obsidian - Shields against negative energy and draws out mental stress
Ruby Zoisite - Enhances spirituality and strengthens oneʼs connection to their inner self
Rose Quartz - Inspires deep inner healing and feelings of harmony

Each stone is ~3-5mm big. Please note that these stones are very, very small, making them perfect for every day carry!

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