Large Raw Mookaite Polished Crystal Point

Sale price$35.00


You are purchasing one raw mookaite jasper point. These are created by taking a raw piece of mookaite jasper crystal and carving them to a point. This leaves a rough stone base that transitions into a gorgeous polished point. These pieces are perfect for terrarium making, crystal grids, meditation, and more!

Each piece is between 11 to 16 oz. 

Mookaite jasper originates from Australia it is also known as mookaite jasper. Mookaite is a healing crystal, the stone is made up of the calcified remains of microscopic organisms and is therefore full of life energy. Mookaite jasper is used to stimulate the solar plexus chakra and radiates good vibes. Mookaite jasper is bright and cheery and is a great addition to any collection as it is less well known than other crystals. 

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