Large Raw Orange Calcite Polished Crystal Point

Sale price$40.00


You are purchasing one raw large orange calcite point. These are created by taking a raw piece of orange calcite crystal and carving them to a point. This leaves a rough stone base that transitions into a gorgeous polished point. These pieces are perfect for terrarium making, crystal grids, meditation, and more!

Each piece is between 11 to 16 oz.

Orange Calcite is an immensely positive stone, its bright orange color can lighten your mood and radiates positive energy. Orange calcite helps unblock the sacral chakra, providing increased sexual and creative energies. Orange calcite is known as a fertility stone, and can boost confidence. Orange calcite also aids in meditation, and can unblock the solar plexus chakra as well as the sacral chakra. If you are in need of inspiration or on a journey of self discovery be sure to add orange calcite to your collection.


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