Large Raw Pink Opal Polished Crystal Point

Sale price$35.00


You are purchasing one raw pink opal point. These are created by taking a raw piece of pink opal crystal and carving them to a point. This leaves a rough stone base that transitions into a gorgeous polished point. These pieces are perfect for terrarium making, crystal grids, meditation, and more!

Each piece is between 11 to 16 oz. 

Pink opal is a common opal that comes in shades of creamy pink. It is most commonly found in South America. It is known as a love crystal, and helps many aspects of love, from loss, to heartbreak, to kindling new love. Pink opal is all about the strength of the individual, pink opal aids in self-learning and exploration of your mind, and can reveal what is most important to you, especially in matters of the heart. It is a very powerful stone to connect your heart and your mind. 

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