Raw Ruby Fuchsite Rough Crystal

Size: Small
Sale price$5.20


You are purchasing one piece of raw Raw Ruby Fuchsite. Each large piece is about 2 inches long and weighs about 2-3 oz. Each small piece is about 1-1.5 inches long and weighs 1 oz. These beautiful pieces of rough Raw Ruby Fuchsite crystal are perfect for craft projects and work well for crystals grids or terrariums! 

Ruby fuchsite is unique and stunning, contrasting light green fuchsite of the mica group of minerals, and red corundum, more commonly known as ruby. It connects the heart and root chakras, the green fuchsite opens the heart chakra, and the red ruby opens the root chakra. Ruby fuchsite is a crystal of confidence and grounding strength, bringing unshakable emotional stability to your core. It is a wonderful way to add ruby to your collection. 

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