Large Ruby Zoisite Crystal Tower Point

Sale price$40.00


You are buying the ruby zoisite tower similar to the one in the pictures. These crystal points are absolutely stunning! This item is perfect for crafting a crystal grid or terrarium. It also can be helpful for meditation. Each piece is about 5.25 inches tall and weighs 13 oz.

Ruby Zoisite, or Anyolite, is an absolutely stunning combination of green zoisite and genuine ruby. The green and red come together spectacularly in a way that defies what you would think of as a natural crystal. It is found in Tanzania in the cradle of the human race, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and east of Lake Victoria. Ruby Zoisite is a very powerful stone, connecting the crown, third eye, heart, and root chakras. In doing so ruby zoisite is a powerful aid in manifestation, giving you the extra push you need to accomplish your goals. 

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