Lepidolite Double Terminated Crystals

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You are purchasing lepidolite double terminated crystals. These beautiful crystal points are fantastic for crystal grids, Reiki sessions, and Chakra Cleansing. They can also be used to make jewelry! Each item is hand-made, there will be a slight amount of variance in each crystal. Please note that I am using my stock photos, meaning the set you receive will be similar, but not the exact one in the photo. Crystal length ~ 4cm Crystal width ~ 1cm

Lepidolite is a member of the mica group of minerals and is lithium-based. The purple coloring of mica is due to trace amounts of manganese. It is full of rare alkali metals, giving the stone mystical properties. Lithium provides lepidolite a powerful calming and stabilizing quality that is unrivaled. All cut and shaped lepidolite is encased in quartz, and in this form, it can be easily mistaken for amethyst. Lepidolite is a beautiful purple crystal that can open the crown chakra and is a great addition to any crystal grid. 

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