Lotus Flower Necklace

Stone: Raw Opal
Sale price$35.00


This beautiful dainty necklace features a lotus pendant with your choice of natural gemstone, shipped in a gift box. Each healing crystal is unique, giving you a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.
Each lotus necklace is filled with 1-2 natural crystals. We do our best to completely fill the necklace while ensuring that the lotus flower pendant can close properly.

Chain length: 18 inches


Raw Opal
Raw Apatite
Raw Aquamarine
Raw Amazonite
Raw Amethyst
Raw Black Tourmaline

Raw Lapis Lazuli
Raw Peridot

Tumbled Amethyst
Tumbled Rose Quartz
Tumbled White Howlite
Tumbled Tigers Eye
Tumbled Carnelian
Tumbled Sodalite
Tumbled Clear Quartz Tumbled Garnet

Please note that I am using my stock photos. This means that the item in the picture may not be the exact piece you receive, however, it will be extremely similar. Crystals are natural and no two are exactly the same, so please allow for some variance. The piece you receive will be selected at random based on the inventory we have on hand

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