Moss Agate Pocket Stone

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This listing is for Moss Agate pocket stones. These beautiful pieces of Moss Agate can be used for craft projects, jewelry making, crystal grids, terrariums, and more! The piece(s) you receive will be selected at random based on the inventory we have on hand. Each piece is about 1-2 inches long and weighs 1.5-3 oz. There is A LOT of variance with this stone. There is a wide range of patterns.

Moss agate is in fact not technically an agate as it does not have the characteristic banned pattern found in agates, but it does share many physical and metaphysical properties with agates. Moss agate is typically a milky stone with green inclusions that resembles fresh green moss. Moss agate is a stone of lush abundance, perfect for anyone starting a new garden or when bringing new plants into your home. Moss agate is connected to the heart chakra. Moss agate is also beneficial when starting a new venture, or can be used for emotional stability and strength. 

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