Motivating Tumbled Chip Crystal Set

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This listing is for one Motivating Tumbled Crystal Chip Set. Each set includes 5 stones: tigers eye, carnelian, citrine, grey agate, and blue sandstone. Every set also comes with an index card explaining each stone!

Tigers Eye - Focuses the mind, allowing objective problem solving and feeling a sense of purpose
Carnelian - helps in restoring lost motivation and encourages the pursuit of new projects
Citrine - Inspires one to follow through on new endeavors
Gray Agate - Boosts self-confidence and brings good luck
Blue Sandstone - Also known as the “Stone of Ambition”, it revitalizes and pushes one to reach for their goals

Each stone is ~3-5mm big. Please note that these stones are very, very small, making them perfect for every day carry!

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