Orbicular Jasper Palm Stone Ocean Jasper

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Orbicular Jasper is a soothing and calming stone, offering support in hard times. It is found in Madagascar, and is a rare stone. No two pieces of orbicular jasper are the same, offering a stunning variety of banding and spherical inclusions. Sometimes shades of orbicular jasper transition effortlessly into each other creating beautiful blends, and sometimes hard lines split bands of stone in fantastic clashes of black, white, and gray. 

This stone has A LOT of variance to it. I did my best to highlight these differences in the orbicular jasper by showing a wide range of examples in the photos. No two stones look alike, some contain beautiful shades of reds and purple while others are a gorgeous green and gray. The stone you receive will be selected at random and the patterns and coloring you get will be a surprise! 

Each piece is approximately 2-3 inches in size
Each piece can weigh up to 5-6 oz

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