Peaceful Sleep Tumbled Chip Crystal Set

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This listing is for one Peaceful Sleep Tumbled Crystal Chip Set. Each set includes 5 stones: labradorite, clear quartz, amethyst, white howlite, and black tourmaline. Every set also comes with an index card explaining each stone!

Peaceful Sleep Crystal Set
White Howlite - Calms the mind, aiding in falling asleep quickly
Clear Quartz - Protects against negative thoughts and amplifies other crystal energies
Amethyst - Soothes anxieties, and relaxes the body and mind
Labradorite- Relieves the stress of the day and calms an overactive mind
Black Tourmaline - Enhances oneʼs dream experience and protects against nightmares

Each stone is ~3-5mm big. Please note that these stones are very, very small, making

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