Petrified Wood Palm Stone

Size: Small
Sale price$10.50


You are purchasing one petrified wood palm stone. This beautiful palm stone is the perfect craft material for constructing crystal grids or terrariums! You have the option to purchase this stone in Small or large. Each large piece is approximately 2-3 inches big. Each Small is about 1-2 inches big. 

Petrified wood is a fascinating stone, created over millions of years as organic compounds in the wood are replaced by crystals such as agate, quartz, and chalcedony. Petrified wood is full of earthy tones of brown, red, grey, and yellow. Petrified wood has strong watch energy, full of the energy of the once-living plant. Petrified wood is full of ancient energy, and can be used to commune with your past life and ancestors, human and perhaps even more ancient. Petrified wood unblocks the root chakra. 

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