Red Obsidian Crystal Crescent Moon Mahogany Obsidian

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This listing is for one red obsidian crystal crescent moon. Each red obsidian moon is about 1.5in long, 1in wide, and .25in thick, making them an ideal size for wire wrapping!

Red Obsidian, also known as Mahogany obsidian, is a stone full of interesting properties. It has the grounding and protecting qualities of obsidian, along with the mental sharpness obsidian is known to provide. Mahogany obsidian possesses the natural fire energy present deep within the earth. Like all obsidian it is volcanic glass, it is made from cooling lava and therefore all obsidian has this energy, but mahogany obsidian is specially marked red due to iron content from Hematite or Magnetite inclusions. The stone helps with blood flow, mitigating anxiety, and reducing stress. 


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