Rough Rose Aura Quartz (Pink Angel Aura Quartz Crystal)

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This listing is for premium quality rough rainbow aura Rose quartz. Each piece of raw pink aura quartz is about 2 inches big and weighs 2 oz.

Aura quartz is a modern miracle. Quartz, one of the most powerful amplifiers, is bonded with other elements such as titanium, gold, silver, and platinum through electrostatic plating. The natural quartz crystal retains its properties, but is transformed with stunning colors and a rainbow sheen. It can also take on new properties from the elements it is bonded with. The process is almost alchemical, transforming a beautiful natural clear quartz crystal into something entirely new. Types of aura quartz include Angel Aura Quartz, Aqua Aura Quartz, Cobalt Aura quartz, and many more!

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