Third Eye Chakra Crystal Set

Style: Crystals Only
Sale price$13.50


This listing is for one 7 piece set of natural raw crystals. These raw chakra stones can make a fantastic gift and are a great set for both beginners and crystal veterans. The Third eye chakra relates to the mind and intellect, unblocking this chakra will aid you in learning and decision making, and healthier mental space.
You will receive 1 piece of each of the following stones:
1. Tumbled Apatite - Motivation and Energy
2. Raw Blue Calcite - Creativity and Inspiration
3. Tumbled Moonstone - Dreams and the Subconscious
4. Green Fluorite - Awareness and Perception
5. Shiva Eye Shell - Comfort and Protection

You have the option to purchase this set by itself or with a shelf, which will also include a free bracelet!

Please note, I am using my stock photos. The stones you receive will look similar to the ones in the pictures, but may not be exactly the same. Each stone is natural and unique. Please allow for some variance.

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