Throat Chakra Crystal Set

Style: Crystals only
Sale price$13.50


This listing is for one 5-piece set of natural crystals. These raw chakra stones can make a fantastic gift and are a great set for both beginners and crystal veterans. This chakra crystal kit helps unblock the throat chakra, which can provide wisdom and a more open mind. Lapis lazuli is the perfect stone for this, as it helps with memory and learning. Its deep blue color is associated with the throat chakra.
You will receive 1 piece of each of the following stones:
1. Tumbled Sodalite - Calming and Anti-Anxiety
2. Raw Lapis Lazuli - Truth and Inspiration
3. Clear Quartz - Energy Amplification
4. Tumbled Amazonite - Luck and Communication
5. Blue lace Agate - Stability and Support

You have the option to purchase this listing with a shelf which will include a free 7 chakra bracelet! The bracelet is made of 8mm beads and is 7.5 inches.


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