Tumbled Indigo Gabbro Polished Stone

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You are purchasing one piece of tumbled Indigo Gabbro. These stones are perfect for craft projects, terrariums, crystal grids, and more!

Indigo Gabbro, also known as Mystical Merlinite, is a crystal of the feldspar variety, so Indigo Gabbro is a relative of labradorite and moonstone and can possess the labradorescence quality of moonstone and labradorite. Mystical merlinite is made up of quartz along with feldspar, imbuing the stone with the energy amplification quality of quartz. Indigo Gabbro, or Mystical Merlinite, is named for the mythical Merlin, druid, sorcerer, and mystic of legend. It aligns all seven chakras, and also thins the line between your current and past lives, allowing you to connect with yourself in the present and the past. Mystical Merlinite is a bringer of spiritual change and awakening. 

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