White Howlite Crystal Ball 60mm

Sale price$38.00


Each white howlite crystal ball is about 60mm in diameter. The wooden stand comes included. It makes a perfect craft material when making crystal grids or terrariums!

Each crystal ball is unique, although the one you receive will be similar to the one in the photos, it may not be the exact same one.

White Howlite is a brilliant white stone, often used for mental clarity and peaceful thoughts. Howlite is almost never pure white, its veins of grey and black remind us of the importance of nuance and uncertainty and the challenges that they post to us as individuals. Howlite is a stone of wisdom and confidence, it brings to mind the strength of the marble columns of the ancient world. White howlite is most strongly connected to the crown chakra, but it can be used to unblock any of the seven chakras. 

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