Get Charged Up for the Summer Solstice with These Crystals
  • Summer Solstice Crystal Meanings: Selenite, Tiger’s Eye, Orange Aventurine and Sunstone are the most popular crystals chosen to celebrate the summer solstice. Use them to bring yourself good luck, abundance and prosperity this season. How do these crystals work? Let’s take a look at how each one will help you achieve your goals for this summer season!


  • The summer solstice occurs during the Northern Hemisphere’s June 21 to 22, marking the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer. It is an auspicious time to gather positive energy, so it’s fitting that many people choose crystals that enhance the summer solstice, such as selenite, tiger’s eye crystal, sunstone and orange aventurine. If you want to get charged up for this auspicious occasion and take advantage of these crystals’ meanings during this season, read on to learn more about these four crystals and their summer solstice associations!


Selenite is one of the best crystals to use during meditation, as it assists in cleansing and charging your chakras. Selenite is associated with purity and can assist you in staying true to yourself while releasing negative energy. Its cleansing properties can also help release negative emotions that may be causing you stress. Meditation is one of my favorite ways to charge myself up before a big event such as a party or birthday celebration.

Tiger's Eye: 

Tiger's eye is another crystal that can help you during your goal-setting journey. Tiger's eye has been known to help people manifest their desires into reality, so it's a great stone to have on hand during your journey toward success.


Sunstone crystals are bright, cheery, and full of energy. Sunstone name derives from the sun due to the stones' vibrancy and warm colors. Sunstone is a stone of optimism and cheerfulness, of warmth and healing. It helps restore trust and faith in the goodness of the world, giving us energy and courage to face life’s challenges. A powerful talisman against loneliness, it helps banish despair while increasing self-confidence, determination, and will power.

Orange Aventurine:

Orange Aventurine is a stone of abundance, creativity and spirituality. It’s considered a fire/earth/water crystal. For summer solstice, Orange Aventurine will help you to celebrate by aiding your intention with creativity, love and spiritual growth. This crystal helps you bring out your authentic self so it can be expressed fully in every situation.

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