Citrine Vs. Lemon Quartz: How to Tell the Difference

Citrine vs Lemon Quartz: How to Tell the Difference

Many people have heard of citrine, but when they first see Lemon Quartz, they aren’t sure what to make of it. Is it really citrine? How do you tell the difference between citrine and lemon quartz? In this article, we’ll cover the key differences between citrine and lemon quartz so that you can shop confidently and know you’re getting the real thing.

How to Identify Citrine

Citrine should not have a white base; real Citrine, generally, will not have a pure white base. If it does, you are most likely looking at heat-treated Amethyst that has been dyed yellow. This is usually obvious by checking under natural light as heat treated citrine will have a more artificial coloring than genuine citrine. It can be tricky to tell if it has been dyed in artificial lighting though so I recommend using both daylight and incandescent lighting when examining your Citrine.

How to Identify Lemon Quartz

Citrine is normally a rich golden yellow with a bit of orange. Lemon Quartz is much brighter yellow, reminiscent of the fruit it is named after. If you’re trying to figure out whether or not the Citrine you own is actually Lemon Quartz, or if you’re trying to identify the difference between Citrine and Lemon Quartz, one way is by looking at the saturation and tone of their color. Lemon quartz has a bright yellow color that is consistent. It may have some orange tones to it but will be mostly yellow. Citrine can be found in varying shades from pale goldenrod yellow to deep orange brown however, its dominant hue will be somewhere around orange-yellow.

Citrine Metaphysical Traits

One of citrine’s key metaphysical traits is manifestation. The color yellow, which citrine carries, symbolizes optimism and intuition, while also representing energy and harmony. Citrine is a stone of imagination, so if you’re looking for some creativity in your life, consider wearing or carrying citrine; it will boost your imagination and allow you to manifest creativity through writing, artwork, or other pursuits.

Lemon Quartz Metaphysical Traits

For example, in crystal healing, lemon quartz is believed to filter out distractions, aid concentration and open memory. In addition, it is said to bring clarity and confidence to decision-making processes. It may also help you manifest dreams. As a member of the quartz family, it contains energizing properties that may increase stamina and vitality.

Which One To Use?

If you want a natural stone, citrine is your choice but pay close attention as much citrine is baked amethyst. Natural citrine is in fact naturally heated amethyst, but the process is slower. If you want something affordable or heat-treated, use lemon quartz. If you want to use citrine for healing and don’t care about it being natural or heat-treated, either will work well! Citrine can help with fatigue, stress/anxiety, addiction and confidence/self-esteem issues (to name a few), but lemon quartz can also be used for these things.

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